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[February 22, 2017] The State of MPEG-DASH 2017,

[March 30, 2016] The State of MPEG-DASH 2016,

[Dec 10th, 2015] DASH-IF Content Protection Information Exchange Format (CPIX) v2.0 open for Community Review

[Sep 1st, 2015] DASH IF Interop Guidelines 3.2 released

[July 8, 2015] Hulu’s Move to DASH,

[March 14, 2015] The State of MPEG-DASH 2015,

[October 2, 2014] IBC Attendees Move in Unison to the Next Big Thing,

[September 30, 2014] DASH SuperGuide by Streaming Media , DASH-IF

[September 3, 2014] DASH Industry Forum Gaining Momentum, DASH-IF

[August 2014] DASH Newsletter Issue 2 (English), DASH-IF

[August 2014] DASH Newsletter Issue 2 (Japanese), DASH-IF

[June 18, 2014] DASH Newsletter Issue 1 (English), DASH-IF

[June 18, 2014] DASH ニュースレター Issue 1 (Japanese), DASH-IF

[April 8, 204] The State of MPEG-DASH Deployment,

[April 8, 2014] Microsoft, Adobe, and DASH: The State of the Union,

[March 18th, 2014] IBC 2013 Report – MPEG-DASH Ecosystem Status,

[March 18th, 2014] MPEG-DASH Standardization Timeline,

[Jan 23, 2014] Hulu: All Our Google Chromecast Streaming Uses MPEG-DASH,

[June 27, 2013] DASH-AVC/264: A Baseline Implementation for MPEG-DASH Press Conference Material | DASH-AVC/264: A Baseline Implementation for MPEG-DASH Press Conference (Streaming Recording), DASH-IF

[June 19, 2013] DASH Industry Forum Releases Implementation Guidelines for MPEG-DASH Deployments, DASH-IF

[May 20, 2013] MPEG-DASH Deployments Due Before Second Half of 2014,

[May 9, 2013] Akamai Explains the Economics of DASH and DASH-264,

[April 8, 2013] Haivision Demonstrates HEVC Encoding, MPEG DASH, and Hybrid Encoding at NAB 2013, Virtual-Strategy Magazine

[March 1, 2013] A history of media streaming and the future of connected TV, The Guardian

[Feb 26, 2013] The State of Streaming Media Protocols 2013,

[Feb 19, 2013] A Buyer’s Guide to Multiformat Streaming Media Servers,

[Feb 12, 2013] Why MPEG-DASH and Adaptive Streaming Is Right for the Web,

[Feb 4, 2013] Ericsson: MPEG DASH Makes Economic Sense to Operators,

[Jan 11, 2013] CES Report: Fraunhofer Hears Good News in MPEG DASH Spec,

[Jan 8, 2013] DTS and Moshcam Co-develop New Mobile Application Proof Of Concept,

[Jan 2, 2013] Microsoft: Why MPEG DASH Will See Broad Adoption in 2013,

[Dec 19, 2012] Adobe: 2013 Will Be the Year of Discovery for MPEG DASH,

[Dec 4, 2012] Jeroen Wijering Talks HLS, DASH, and the JW Player 6,

[Nov 27, 2012] Vimond and Unified Streaming Unite to Bring Dynamic Remuxing to Vimond Customers

[Nov 19, 2012] Reducing Complexity of Multiscreen Video Services with PlayReady and MPEG-DASH

[Nov 7, 2012] Streaming Media Europe 2012: MPEG DASH- Opportunities and Impacts on Adaptive Streaming,

[Nov 6, 2012] Fraunhofer IIS and BuyDRM Demonstrate First-Ever Surround Sound Player for Android Phone with MPEG-DASH and PlayReady

[Oct 30, 2012] Interview: MPEG-DASH will equal role of MPEG-2

[Sept 19, 2012] Microsoft Declares Commitment to the MPEG DASH Standard,

[Sept 17, 2012] MPEG DASH Use is Blossoming, Says Akamai,

[Sept 7, 2012] Harmonic and Nagra Team to Power the World’s First Commercial MPEG-DASH OTT Multiscreen Service

[Aug 23, 2012] MPEG-DASH support in Google Chrome

[May 6, 2012] NAB 2012 OTT Advancements & Doubts: DASH & DRMs : situation gets clearer, without Apple

[Apr 17, 2012] NAB Report: DASH Picks up Steam with Additional Support,

[Apr 16, 2012] Microsoft Announces Support for MPEG-DASH in Microsoft Media Platform, MSDN’s blog

[Apr 16, 2012] Dolby Release for Online Standard Powers Multiscreen Entertainment

[Feb 29, 2012] Intertrust’s Wasabi™ Marlin Client SDK v.1.3 supports MPEG-DASH multi-screen streaming

[Feb 27, 2012] Adobe Announces Integrated Video Publishing, Advertising and Analytics Platform, EON

[Feb 22, 2012] Video Streaming standards coming with MPEG-DASH, Adobe’s blog

[Feb 5, 2012] DASH promises stutter free streaming video over LTE,

[Dec 15, 2011] Netflix Sees Cost Savings in MPEG DASH Adoption,

[Nov 22, 2011] What is MPEG DASH?,

[Nov 22, 2011] CFF: One Format to Rule Them All?,

[Nov 9, 2011] MPEG-DASH: Future of File Format?,

[Oct 18, 2011] DASH @ Streaming Media West 2011,

[Oct 2011] The MPEG-DASH Standard for Multimedia Streaming Over the Internet,

[Aug 16, 2011] DASH – Toward a Better Mobile Video User Experience, Qualcomm’s blog

[Jul 20, 2011] Cisco Leads the way in standardizing IP Video delivery through MPEG DASH Specification, Cisco’s blog

[Feb 10, 2011] MPEG DASH vs. W3C WebTV?, Multimedia Communication’s blog

[Dec 22, 2010] HTML5 and Video Streaming, Netlifx’s blog