The DASH-IF hosts and manages an online cataloging of codecs for MPEG-DASH that are based on CMAF media profiles and that are registered by the MP4 Registration authority as brands.

This cataloging includes:

  1. hosting the online catalog on our website, listing defined media profiles along with a short descriptions of relevant DASH MPD parameters,
  2. providing a simple online mechanism to request the addition of new codecs and associated information, and finally
  3. managing the administration and maintenance of the online catalog.

It is believed that maintaining such a proper online catalog helps the industry to increase the interoperability between various industry and consortia specifications, which are utilizing the MPEG-DASH and CMAF standard.

DASH-IF IOP WG has reviewed all registrations at the time of their submission to verify that the technical information provided in the table is correct. However, codecs listed on this web page are not checked against the DASH-IF IPR policy nor does DASH-IF provide any information whether they would comply with DASH-IF IPR policy or not. However, registered codecs should include information where more information on terms for using the codec may be found.

If any issues are identified with any of the registered codecs or an update would be needed, please submit an issue here.

This website provides procedures how to request cataloging codecs in the DASH-IF Codecs Repository and it defines a set of available codecs and associated parameters.

Cataloging procedures

In order to add a codec on this web page, you are encouraged to abide by the following terms established by the DASH-IF:

  1. apply using the form and procedures supplied by DASH-IF
  2. include a description of the proposed codec, and the required technical details as specified in the application form;
  3. provide contact information describing how a complete description can be obtained on a non-discriminatory basis;
  4. maintain a permanent record of the application form and the notification received from DASH-IF.

To register a codec with this registration catalog, please visit the registration page.

Codecs catalog

This catalogue is informative. The normative aspects of the codecs are included the references along with the codecs and media profiles. This catalogue will be updated with the submission and approval of new codecs.