The DASH-IF hosts and manages an online cataloging of identifiers for MPEG-DASH profiles, interoperability points, content protection metadata and other DASH related specific schemes. DASH-IF responsibilities include:

  1. hosting the online catalog on its website, listing all defined URIs along with a short descriptions of their schemes and names of their owners,
  2. providing a simple online mechanism to request the addition of new URIs and associated information, and finally
  3. managing the administration and maintenance of the online catalog.

It is believed that maintaining such a proper online catalog helps the industry to increase the interoperability between various industry and consortia specifications, which are utilizing the MPEG-DASH standard.

This website provides procedures how to request cataloging the identifier in the DASH Identifier Repository and it defines a set of available descriptors and schemes identifiers.

In order to exploit synergies, individuals and organizations are encouraged to check the catalogue here prior to defining new identifiers. The DASH-IF will do its best to support individuals and organizations in this matter.

Cataloging procedures

In order to add an identifier on this web page, you are encouraged to abide by the following terms established by the DASH-IF:

The party requesting an identifier to be added to the catalogue shall:

  1. apply using the form and procedures supplied by DASH-IF
  2. include a description of the purpose of the proposed identifier, and the required technical details as specified in the application form;
  3. provide contact information describing how a complete description can be obtained on a non-discriminatory basis;
  4. maintain a permanent record of the application form and the notification received from DASH-IF.

To register an identifier with this registration authority, please visit the registration page.

Identifier catalog

This catalogue is informative. The normative aspects of the identifiers are included the references along with the identifiers. This catalogue will be updated with the submission and approval of new identifiers.