Completed DASH-IF Interoperability Documents


The documents below are stable and have undergone a community review. However, the DASH-IF welcomes feedback on these published documents, e.g, request for clarifications or bugs. For this purpose, please use the Github bug tracker cited along with the documents.

DASH-IF Interoperability Points and Extensions

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DASH-IF Content Protection Information Exchange Format

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The scope of this document is to define a Content Protection Information Exchange Format (CPIX). The CPIX document contains keys and DRM information used for encrypting and protecting content, and can be used for exchanging this information among entities needing it in many possibly different workflows for preparing, for example DASH content or HLS content. The CPIX document itself can be encrypted, signed and authenticated so that its receivers can be sure that its confidentiality, source and integrity are also protected. The document provides the following extensions to v2.0:

Previous Versions: * DASH-IF Implementation Guidelines v2.0: Content Protection Information Exchange Format (CPIX)| (XML)| (Bugtracker) * DASH-IF Implementation Guidelines v1.0: Content Protection Information Exchange Format (CPIX)| (XML)| (Bugtracker)

Guidelines for Implementation: DASH-IF Interoperability Point for ATSC 3.0

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This updated version adds the following aspects:

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DASH-IF Test cases and Vectors

DASH-IF Interoperability Documents for Community Review


Community Review documents are published on the DASH-IF website in order to get feedback from the industry on tools and features that are documented for improved interoperability. For each of the documents, comments may be submitted on the technologies itself, on specific features, etc. These documents are only published temporarily for community review and will be replaced by a full version after the commenting period has closed and the comments have been addressed.

Addition of MPEG-D USAC (Unified Speech and Audio Coding) to DASH-IF IOP

Addition of UHD Dynamic Metadata

Leap second handling clarifications

Support for SAND Interoperability

DASH-IF Implementation Guidelines: Token-based Access Control for DASH (TAC) v1.0

DASH-IF Conformance Software

ISO Publicly Available Specification

White Papers and Background