Output protection schemes, such as HDCP are frequently used to protect the rendered output in transit from the decoding device to the displaying device (for example, from a set-top box which is connected to a TV set using an HDMI cable). These output protection schemes and their properties are frequently a pre-requisite for the ability to present the associated Representations.

For the element OutputProtection the @schemeIdUri attribute is used to identify an output protection scheme (for details see ISO/IEC 23009-1 [1], section 5.8.4.X).

The following sections collect the Output Protection schemes.

Output Protection schemes

The following table documents known output protection schemes.

Note: DASH-IF does not define any “approved” output protection schemes. The table below only represents the submitted schemes by 3rd parties to DASH-IF.

Identifier Reference Section Comment
urn:mpeg:dash:output-protection:hdcp:2020 ISO/IEC 23009-1 5.8.5.X The value provides an association between the content and the device output requirements, namely it defines the minimum HDCP version that a device output must comply with to output the associated content