MPEG-DASH 5th edition is a Publicly Available Standard

For your information, the 5th edition of MPEG-DASH part 1, meanwhile a 330 page document and officially referenced as ISO/IEC 23009-1:2022, has been published by ISO earlier this week as part of their Publicly Available Standards here: - and the schemas and examples are available here:


The fifth edition adds: - DASH profiles for Common Media Application Format (CMAF); - The concept Resynchronization in order to identify stream access points in Segments; - MPD patching to support explicit MPD updates; - Client processing model for Event Streams and Timed Metadata tracks ; - Extensions to content protection and device output protection security; - bug fixes, clarifications and further minor improvements.

The journey of getting this published did not finish when the technical decision were done, it actually was a very very heavy editing process with many exchanges with our colleagues at SC29 and ISO secretariat to make sure we apply ALL ISO editing rules for this standard. It also was long discussion to convince ISO to publish this edition freely available - and thanks to 3GPP and the rest of the industry to have put up some pressure to get this approved.

Enjoy reading … DASH-IF is already implementing.