DASH Technical Leadership Award 2021

The DASH Industry Forum is pleased to announce that the 2021 DASH Technical Leadership Award has been presented to

Jeff Tapper

for his early support and commitment to the establishment of the dash.js open-source media player project. His efforts have been instrumental in the advancement of MPEG DASH as a leading streaming format.

This summer, Olga Kornienko and Glenn Goldstein got together with Jeff Tapper to present him a plaque from the DASH Industry Forum to recognize his leadership and inspired work on the dash.js video player in the early days of MPEG-DASH. Jeff’s work was key in bringing early industry attention to DASH and providing a popular reference player that made the standard tangible.

Jeff Tapper has over 21 years of experience developing Internet applications for a myriad of clients, including ESPN, Major League Baseball, CNBC and Viacom. He is actively involved in the Streaming Media industry, and is a frequent speaker at NAB, IBC, Streaming Media East and West. He has authored over a dozen books on internet technologies. His technical acumen is mirrored by his friendliness and approachability, exemplified by the screenshot below in which he offers technical support for then the nascent dash.js open-source project, at NAB, to a stranger, in return for a beer! It was this commitment to community that helped the open-source project launch to the success that it is today.

The plaque is shown below and special mention of this award will be made at a ceremony held as part of the MMSys 2021 Conference on October 1st, 2021.

The forum remains indebted to Jeff for his contributions to dash.js and congratulates him on the award.

The Board of the DASH Industry Forum

September 28, 2021