DASH-IF has been facilitating and promoting the adoption of the MPEG-DASH standard fsince 2012 and is known by the industry as the authority on the DASH standard and its deployment. DASH-IF believes that the DASH standard enables the industry to create an open, interoperable, multi-vendor ecosystem for the internet video streaming market, and is committed to industry-wide deployment of the MPEG-DASH standard. To help further accelerate the market adoption of MPEG-DASH, some of our member companies who are major contributors to the MPEG-DASH standard have made announcements regarding access to their essential DASH patents.

The following companies have made voluntary public statements about their IPR position regarding the MPEG-DASH standard: [Disclaimer: This information has been provided by DASH-IF members. DASH-IF does not verify the veracity, completeness or accuracy of the information.]


For conformant implementations of the final MPEG DASH specification, Cisco have announced making available any necessary patent claims under the ISO/IEC/ITU Common Patent Policy’s royalty-free RAND licensing option. For more info, see http://blogs.cisco.com/sp/cisco-leads-the-way-in-standardizing-ip-video-delivery-through-mpeg-dash-specification


Microsoft has made a royalty-free declaration, subject to reciprocity, to ISO/IEC 23009-1. This declaration is available at the IEC patent database (search for Microsoft and 23009-1): http://patents.iec.ch/iec/pa.nsf/pa_h.xsp?v=0#


In connection with the adoption of the MPEG DASH standard [23009-1] in both software and hardware products, Qualcomm will not seek royalties or license fees for the use of its DASH Essential Patents in products that fully implement the DASH standard except when such products are capable of also implementing a WWAN standard, subject to the terms and conditions presented below. When DASH is integrated into a product capable of implementing a WWAN standard (a “WWAN Product”), Qualcomm will offer to license its DASH Essential Patents for use in such WWAN Products without charging any additional up-front fee or additional incremental royalty rate above Qualcomm’s standard upfront fee and standard royalty rate for the use of Qualcomm’s other patents in such WWAN Product. For more info, see https://www.qualcomm.com/documents/qualcomm-dash-licensing-commitment.


Google has made an IPR declaration to ISO/IEC 23009-1, making any intellectual property relevant to MPEG-DASH which Google may own, to be royalty-free. This declaration is available at the IEC patent database