Invitation to Bid: Joint Streaming Conformance Software Project


DASH-IF ( ) has developed conformance software for the validation of MPEG-DASH and DASH-IF IOP content as well as conformance to DASH-IF IOP guidelines throughout the years. Other organizations including DVB, CTA WAVE, and HbbTV have extended the conformance software for testing the content according to their relevant specifications.

In continuation of this conformance software development, DASH-IF, DVB, CTA WAVE, HbbTV, and ATSC (the “Conformance Partners”) are interested to award a contract to improve the current conformance software to achieve the followings goals:

  1. Establish a project management system and formal process for the documentation, contributions and code development, testing, metrics, reporting, versioning, and releases;
  2. Develop uniform APIs to improve the development, testing, and server updates of the software;
  3. Refactor of the current software to modularize and improve its performance,
  4. Repair and maintenance project (Pre-existing bugs are excluded regardless of whether they have already been reported or are reported during the course of the project), and
  5. Develop documentation of the software

and therefore, invite the interested parties to bid on this project.

Official Document

The offical document can be downloaded here: Invitation to Bid: Joint Streaming Conformance Software Project

Bidding Process

  1. The bidder shall provide the detailed pricing and the duration for each task as well as all additional information through email to DASH-IF Administration, by 23.59 PDT on October 31, 2021. Any bid received after this deadline will not be considered.
  2. The bidder may use the suggested Annex 1 proposal structure.
  3. The bid shall include the contact person’s email and phone number.
  4. The Conformance Partners’ reviewing committee (CPRC) will review all the bids and decide on the project winner(s) considering the received price as well as the credentials and background of the bidders and the proposed teams for this project.
    • The CPRC may choose more than one winner and breakdown the project between them
    • The CPRC may decide not to award all parts of the project.
    • The CPRC may decide to implement the project in multiple phases.
    • The CPRC may decide not to award the project if reasonable bids are not received.
    • The bids are not shared with anyone outside of the CPRC or any other bidders.
  5. The winner(s) is(are) expected to be contacted by December 15, 2021 to sign the contract(s).
  6. Any questions regarding the bid should be sent to DASH-IF Administration