A wide variety of commercial client and player component software is already available for the playback of MPEG-DASH. This page details the client software available today from DASH Industry Forum members: Aricent, AvidBeam, bitdash, BuyDRM, castlabs, Digital Primates, InterDigital, NexStreaming, Qualcomm, RealNetworks, StreamOne, Viaccess-Orca and VisualOn. Opens-source client implementations, including dash.js, can be located in the Software tab above.

Aricent logo

Aricent has developed a feature-rich DASH Streaming player that supports the delivery of MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP). The DASH SDK is a media applications development framework which addresses the interoperability and convergence needs to provide a rich and enjoyable user experience. Key features available as a part of the DASH streaming Player include

Key benefits of our SDK include,

In addition to MPEG-DASH, Aricent also has deep domain expertise in Multimedia solutions and Streaming stacks like RTSP/ RTP, Progressive Download, HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and Video & Voice Solutions. Our multimedia frameworks are deployed in over 120 million devices annually and have been shipped in over 700 million devices across the globe to date. For further information got to https://www.aricent.com/software/media-and-entertainment-software.html

Avidbeam logo

AvidBeam Technologies is a leading organization focusing on multimedia services and products innovation to deliver the best Video experience to end users over any network. AvidBeam’s technology strengths are based on world-class R&D team composed of media architects, software engineers and computer scientists with a proven track-record in technologies such as media streaming, videoconferencing, platform context awareness, wearables and Internet of Things video needs.

AvidBeam has developed a Peer-to-Peer Inspired, Novel and Enhanced Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP application (PINE DASH). Please check AvidBeam YouTube channel for a video that illustrates a comparison between AvidBeam’s PINE DASH vs basic rate-based DASH. The evaluation of both techniques affirmed the fact that PINE DASH has led to significant increases in both download rates (279%) and quality indicators such as media bitrates (41%) which resulted in compelling improvement in the quality of end-user’s video-streaming experience.

AvidBeam DASH Video Streaming Client SDK supports:

For Further information please visit www.avidbeam.com

Bitdash logo

bitdash™ is a suite of highly optimized MPEG-DASH clients for various platforms and devices, delivering the best streaming performance and user experience, particular in adverse (mobile) network conditions. Bitdash is based on HTML5 with a Flash fallback. The MPEG-DASH player supports the most common streaming servers like bitcodin, Wowza, nginx, Path1, Unified Streaming, Akamai etc. An API, DRM, Ads support and reporting are just a few of the many interesting features of the player.

Key Facts:

Demo Area:

For further information and your free player trial please have a look on www.dash-player.com

BuyDRM logo

BuyDRM’s KeyOS Platform offers three DASH-centric technologies including: Smooth DRM CENC Encryption and Licensing platform, KeyOS Media Server for Muxing, Encryption and Delivery and KeyOS Device DRM Agents for Android and iOS.For DASH support we provide fully-mature development SDKs which include complete documentation, sample playback applications, a 24/7/365 Development Support Team and when necessary, direct support from our SDK Development engineering group.Our Android SDK includes our very popular Android player with our Device DRM Agent for Android. This player is highly customizable and supports all of today’s popular consumer scenarios. We support live, on-demand, streaming and download offline playback in our KeyOS Device DRM Agent for iOS and our KeyOS Device DRM Agent for Android.

KeyOS Device DRM Features:

BuyDRM™ is a leading provider of DRM Services and Solutions for the entertainment, enterprise and education industries with customers spanning the globe. With 12 years of market-leading experience in implementing commercial DRM solutions and media technologies, BuyDRM™ has amassed substantial success stories for many of today’s largest brands. For more information please visit https://www.buydrm.com

Castlabs logo

castLabs pioneers software and cloud services for digital video markets worldwide. We understand how building video players can present a heavy development effort, especially when considering the selection of screens consumers wish to use.

Our range of PRESTOplay software development kits (SDKs) save time and money by greatly simplifying player application development across desktops, mobiles, TVs, game consoles, set-top-boxes, and VR.

PRESTOplay provides the versatility to create high-quality bespoke players for your customer’s preferred screens offering them rich playback experiences they expect. Available with support for popular streaming technologies and a fully customizable UI, service providers benefit from integration efficiency with an extensive set of features ready-to-use. DRM-encrypted live, on-demand, and offline adaptive bitrate playback using the latest standards has never been easier!

DigitalPrimates logo

Digital Primates is an elite consultancy focused on high performance client-side applications. With specialties in video, mobile and enterprise development, Digital Primates has built video players for some of the world’s most watched live events, and often works with many of the world’s biggest brands. Digital Primates has offices in Chicago and New York City and can be reached at answers@digitalprimates.net.

Interdigital logo

InterDigital is offering an SDK for design of DASH streaming clients for mobile devices, such as Android smartphones and tablets. A unique feature of the InterDigital SDK is the capability to optimize video delivery based on analysis of user behavior and viewing conditions, including the user’s proximity to the display, display density, and ambient light. Such optimizations result in reduced bandwidth needs, easing load on wireless networks and improving user experience.

More information about InterDigital user-aware video technology and DASH client SDK can be found at User-Adaptive-Streaming_White-Paper_04_16_2013-1.pdf or by searching for “video streaming” at https://vault.interdigital.com.

NexStreaming logo

NexStreaming is a global multimedia software company listed at KOSDAQ (139670) with more than 15 years in the market and focusing on the development of premium multimedia software. The main product of NexStreaming is NexPlayer, the market leader Player SDK for Android, iOS, Tizen and HTML5 apps. The most popular video service providers worldwide include NexPlayer in their mobile apps to enable MPEG-DASH and HLS high quality streaming across all devices with Widevine or any other DRM content protection. NexStreaming is well known for its 24/7 dedicated and personalized customer support and for its continuous player SDK upgrades with the latest technologies. You can visit https://www.nexplayersdk.com and try NexPlayer SDK.

Key Facts:

Theoplayer logo

THEOplayer is the leading HTML5 based video player is delivering a world-class viewer experience with no plugins. THEOplayer has support for HLS and MPEG-DASH fully in HTML5. It removes the need for plug-ins such as Flash or Silverlight, or streaming video content with multiple protocols. THEOplayer has proven compatibility with industry-leading solutions for streaming, DRM and Dynamic Ad Insertion. It dramatically simplifies distributing video content online.

Key features:

Playback features:

A complete feature overview can be found in our knowledge base: https://support.theoplayer.com. For more information visit www.theoplayer.com

Qualcomm logo

Qualcomm has developed a DASH streaming client for the Android platform running on Snapdragon processors. The Qualcomm DASH client is integrated with the Android multimedia framework, which allows the client to be utilized from any application or the web browser. The Qualcomm DASH client supports both the on-demand and live profile. The optimized rate adaptation algorithms are tuned on Snapdragon to handle the highly variable wireless channels common in 3G/4G systems. Qualcomm is committed to making DASH a success and makes its Qualcomm DASH client available to its OEM partners in the most recent versions of Snapdragon processors.

For further infomation contact Aytac Biber ‘abiber at qti.qualcomm.com’

Realnetworks logo

Streamline content delivery to mobile devices

In a multi-platform world, distributing media consistently can be a challenge. Helix SDK for Android is the ready-to-go development package that lets you easily extend your content and services to Android. With full support for MPEG-DASH, Helix SDK turns Android devices 2.2 – 4.x into MPEG-DASH-compatible playback clients.

Helix SDK lets you:

Key features:

Helix SDK is part of the Helix Media Delivery Platform from RealNetworks which helps organizations encode, manage and securely deliver media for a wide range of platforms, formats and devices. Learn more about Helix SDK or contact us for a free demonstration to see how Helix SDK can help you deliver MPEG-DASH-compatible content and services on Android devices.

Streamone logo

StreamOne Player is a flexible high-performance html5 video player which prefers DASH, but also supports HLS and progressive streaming. It offers support for VAST/VPAID advertising, advanced analytics/events, skinning, plugins. A product overview can be supplied if required. More information and a preliminary demo are available here: https://www.streamone.nl/player

Viaccess logo

Viaccess-Orca is a leading global solutions provider of OTT and TV platforms & content protection. Part of this large product portfolio, VO Player is a secure video player used by millions of users every month across the blog providing following benefits:

Viaccess-Orca is part of the Orange Group with more than 300 employees based in France (headquarters), Israel, Finland, US and Singapore.

VisualOn logo

OnStream® MediaPlayer+ is a commercial multimedia player development kit enabling cross-platform content retrieval and playback on connected devices including mobile handsets, tablets, laptops, desktops, set-top boxes, and smart TVs.The OSMP+ toolkit incorporates a set of highly optimized software multimedia codecs for popular formats (HEVC/H.265, H.264, AAC, etc.), as well as support for multiple live and VOD streaming protocols, including MPEG-DASH. Our DASH protocol solution is constantly validated by continuous inter-operability testing with a dozen encoding/streaming partners.The toolkit includes must-haves such as support for closed captions, subtitles, multi-language, multi-audio, 3rd party DRM integration, ad insertion, and player analytics. Providers can further differentiate their service with premium sound, Dolby® for example.

Deployed globally with large and small content delivery operators, the player provides a high-quality, reliable, and consistent user experience across platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. Cross-platform development is facilitated through the uniform APIs. The code base is device/CPU/OS independent and solves the fragmentation problem.VisualOn, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based multimedia software company that enables rich entertainment experiences across mobile and connected devices. VisualOn’s unique patented technology is designed for ease of integration, with optimized quality, performance, and minimal power consumption.For more information, please visit www.visualon.com.