Content Rating may be provided in the MPD.

Content Rating Schemes

The following defines a set of URIs that identify MPD events, i.e., schemes contained in the EventStream element:

Identifier Reference Abstract
urn:dvb:iptv:guidance:2014 ETSI TS 103 285, clause “urn:dvb:iptv:guidance:2014” where the id is either:
  • ‘G’ indicating that guidance text relating to the content is provided in the ExplanatoryText element within the ParentalGuidance element.
  • ‘W’ indicating watershed (safe harbour) content that is only suitable for presentation after the watershed. Guidance text may also be provided
urn:dvb:iptv:rating:2014 ETSI TS 103 285, clause scheme where the id is a decimal number representing the minimum recommended age encoded as per ETSI EN 300 468.