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Video meets mobile -The 5G Opportunity

Public Workshop co-sponsored by DASH-IF

San Diego, CA, United States

Along with its 11th face to face meeting on August 18-20 in San Diego, the DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF) used this opportunity to organize a workshop in order to gather experts from video distribution services, mobile operators and technology providers.
With 5G on the horizon, this is an opportunity to understand some of the technical and non-technical challenges and opportunities for mobile video services. Such information gathering allows companies and standardization organizations to focus on relevant enablers in order to create revenue-generating and interoperable video services, anticipating that video already is and will be to an increasing degree the majority of the traffic in mobile networks. Experts from different fields will discussed during two days on new opportunities and challenges. Sponsored by:




Session 1: Introduction to 5G

  • Session chaired by Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm)

  • 5G – Key Enablers and Recent Advances (Imed Bouazizi, Samsung)

Session 2: Mobile Video today and in the future

  • Session chaired by Xin Wang (Huawei)

Session 3: Content and Service Providers view on Mobile Video

  • Session chaired by David Price (Ericsson)

Session 4: New Formats and their consequences for mobile ecosystem

  • Session chaired by Thierry Fautier (President of Ultra HD Forum, VP Video Strategy at Harmonic)

  • Also on the panel was David Price (Ericsson, VP business development)

Session 5: Mobile Content Distribution

  • Session chaired by Imed Bouazizi (Samsung)

Session 6: Status Standardization Activities Streaming Media

  • Session chaired by Iraj Sodagar (President of the DASH-IF, Microsoft)

Session 7: New Technologies and Enablers

  • Session chaired by Yuriy Reznik (Director, Interdigital)