DASH IF Workshop on Media Streaming Meets 5G

Public Workshop co-sponsored by DASH-IF

Dec 9-10, 2019 - Portland, OR, USA


Along with its 21st face to face meeting on December 10-12 in Portland, OR, the DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF) gathered experts from video distribution services, mobile operators and technology providers in order to look into 5G and Media Streaming. Around 50 experts joined and made the conference interactive and full of lively discussions. With first 5G deployments having been kicked off, the created an opportunity to understand some of the technical and non-technical challenges and opportunities for mobile video services. The collected information hopefully provides companies and standardization organizations relevant guidelines in order to create revenue-generating and interoperable video services, anticipating that video already is and will be to an increasing degree the majority of the traffic in mobile networks.
The workshop fulfilled its mission to identify the challenges and possible gaps for fully taking advantage of 5G networks for multimedia streaming and related applications. A summary of all work presentations and conclusions are available here: https://dashif.org/docs/workshop-2019/17-Stockhammer-Summary.pdf.

The program and slides are provided https://dashif.org/docs/workshop-2019/Program.htm.