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dash.js is a reference client implementation for the playback of MPEG DASH via JavaScript in browser based environments that support the Media Source Extensions.

If your intent is to use the player code without contributing back to this project, then use the master branch which holds the approved and stable public releases.

If your goal is to improve or extend the code and contribute back to this project, then you should make your changes in, and submit a pull request against, the development branch.

Demos and reference players

All the reference builds and minified files are available under both http and https.


Multiple dash.js samples covering a wide set of common use cases.

Reference players

The released pre-built reference players if you want direct access without writing any Javascript.

The nightly build of the /dev branch reference player , is pre-release but contains the latest fixes. It is a good place to start if you are debugging playback problems.

CDN hosted build files

The latest minified files have been hosted on a global CDN and are free to use in production:

In addition, all the releases are available under the following urls. Replace “vx.x.x” with the release version, for instance v3.1.0.

API Documentation

The full API Documentation is available describing all public methods, interfaces, properties, and events.

For help, join our Slack channel, our email list and read the documentation on this website.


dash.js is released under BSD license