webRTC-based Streaming


On May 28 this year, as part of our virtual special session series, DASH-IF invited the colleagues from Yahoo Edgecast (formerly Verizon Media) and Phenix Real Time Solutions to provide as an overview on a WebRTC-based Premium Streaming Ecosystem. WebRTC is the foundational technology for real-time streaming online and as such has widespread support across browsers. It is used widely across many applications. However, the use of real-time streaming for professionally-produced content is highlighting gaps in WebRTC, creating the need for industry collaboration. This talk explored some of these key areas and sketch out possible ways forward for the industry.

We identified the synergies between the approach presented and DASH-based streaming. There was quite some interested to explore more details and DASH-IF will continue the informal discussion. The basic idea is to develop a position paper in DASH-IF together with the colleagues from Yahoo Edgecast and Phenix Real Time Solutions and identify if DASH-IF or other organizations can address any of the open issues and coordinate the work.


Based on the above background, an activity is started in DASH-IF to investigate some of the opportunities and synergies in this context. Specifically, the following scope is agreed:

  • Review and extend the use cases presented in the slides
  • Identify existing technologies for the above use cases
  • Develop basic architecture for webRTC-based low-latency streaming including call flows for
    • Session handling
    • Different experiences (latency, etc.)
    • DRM
    • Scalability (concurrent streaming for many users)
  • Identify synergies and overlaps with DASH/CMAF
    • Specification
    • Implementation on backend, distribution and client
  • Identify gaps and requirements
  • Identify next steps
  • Publish the findings in a white paper/position paper The possible outcome of the work may be that we identify overlaps with DASH to explore in DASH-IF or defer work to possibly other organizations.

DASH-IF Policy

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  • Leadership:
    • Ali Begen (Comcast)
    • Julia Kenyon (Phenix RTS)
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Invited Organizations

  • DASH-IF as host
  • 3GPP SA4 MBS group
  • Streaming Video Alliance


Minutes and Agenda