DASH Denver Workshop – August 10th 2017 – hosted by Comcast

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MPEG DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) is an international standard for streaming media over the Internet. It is used by YouTube, Netflix and Hulu and is responsible for a significant share of Internet traffic. The DASH Industry Forum in conjunction with Comcast is organizing a workshop on MPEG-DASH. This workshop brings together the leading DASH experts – people behind DASH specifications, products and deployments – with practitioners interested in learning more about DASH. The goal of this workshop is to do a “deep dive” and let the interested practitioners learn more about the technical side of DASH.


The workshop will start with a general DASH tutorial introducing the standard, and then cover advanced topics such as content security, advertisement, live broadcasts, and more.


The workshop is free to attend and is open to anyone in the OTT industry. It will be held at 4100 Dry Creek Rd., Centennial CO on Thursday, August 10th, 2017. There will be speakers from Bitmovin, Brightcove, Comcast, INISOFT and Qualcomm.


The conference is now complete and the following presentations are available for download:


Ali Begen – Comcast – Anatomy of a DASH Client

Andrew Popov – Inisoft  – Content Protection in DASH

Yuriy Reznik – Brightcove – Content and Context-aware encoding

Yuriy Reznik – Brightcove – Large Scale Cloud Encoding

Thomas Stockhammer – Qualcomm – DASH, CMAF and CTA WAVE

Thomas Stockhammer – Qualcomm – DASH for TV, Live and Low-latency Services

Tom Vaughan – MulticoreWare – Using x265 for High Quality UltraHD VOD Encoding


Thank you to those who attended this workshop in Mile High City!