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Completed DASH-IF Interoperability Documents

The documents below are considered stable having undergone a community review. However, the DASH-IF welcomes feedback on these published documents, e.g, request for clarifications or bugs. For this purpose, please use the Github bug tracker cited along with the documents.

DASH-IF Interoperability Documents for Community Review


Community Review documents are published on the DASH-IF website in order to get feedback from the industry on tools and features that are documented for improved interoperability. For each of the documents, comments may be submitted on the technologies itself, on specific features, etc. These documents are only published temporarily for community review and will be replaced by a full version after the commenting period has closed and the comments have been addressed.

DASH-IF Implementation Guidelines: Interoperability Points; Version 3.0

DASH-IF Implementation Guidelines: Additions for AC-4 Interoperability Point (Community Review)

Guidelines for Implementation: Ad Insertion in DASH; Version 1.0

DASH-IF Implementation Guidelines: Content Protection Information Exchange Format; Vers. 1.0

  • Document for community review (v0.93) published December 31st, 2014.
  • This document defines a container allowing exchanging between entities content protection information. Typically, content protection information is made of keys used for encrypting content and any associated DRM specific information. There may be one or several keys and one or several DRMs. There is no assumption on the entities exchanging this information but it is not expected that a device will use this exchange format. The goal is to allow entities involved in the content preparation workflow to get the content protection information so that the MPD can be generated with all content protection information.
  • The document is available for community review until March 10th, 2015.
  • Please use the following bugtracker to submit issues:
  • A final version is expected to be published by April 1st, 2015.

Guidelines for Implementation: DASH-264/AVC Test Cases and Test Vectors; Version 1.0

Guidelines for Implementation: DASH-IF Conformance Software and Reference Client; Version 1.0

DASH-IF Test Vectors

DASH-IF Conformance Software

ISO Publicly Available Specification

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