For Promotion of MPEG-DASH


During the 2014 NAB show in Las Vegas, the DASH Industry Forum organized a 2hr session with nine presentations giving you the latest technical, business and deployment updates on MPEG-DASH. Speakers represented companies from across the DASH ecosystem. Here is the video replay of this event.


Session Title Description Speakers
1 The DASH Industry Forum Welcome Will Law(Akamai)
2 What’s New in the DASH standard? DASH AVC/264 updates  + details on the updates in v2 of the ISO-ISO/IEC 23009-1 Iraj Sodagar(Microsoft)
3/4 MSE-based DASH players

Pres. 3 / Pres. 4

Latest developments from the dash.js project on using the browser to deliver adaptive segmented content. Will Law(Akamai)/Jeff Tapper(Digital Primates)
5 Ad insertion support in DASH 2.0  Review application of tools provided by the DASH specification for ad insertion, and show how these can be integrated into the existing ecosystem  Alex Giladi(InterDigital)
6 DASH reference software and conformance: overview and usage for live services in the cloud This presentation gives an overview about the MPEG-DASH reference software and conformance tools and how they can be used to enable interoperability for DASH-based services. As an example we will present how to use cloud infrastructure to encode broadcast/live streams for OTT delivery. Christian Timmerer(bitmovin & Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt)
7 DASH and European Broadcasters An update on DASH developments within the European broadcast community EBU  covering HbbTV, DVB-DASH and a presentation of the EBU Test Engine. Bram Tullemans(EBU)
8 From Radio to 4K Setup and experience in two live projects, the first involving major European Broadcasters streaming radio, the second using DASH for HEVC with Playready. Dirk Griffioen(Unified Streaming)
9 How to apply MPEG-DASH for eMBMS including real world deployments Differences of Unicast and Multicast in MPEG-DASH (MPD Update, Latency, MPD delivery, FEC efficiency). Using MPEG-DASH in Hybrid Hardware and Network environments. Deploying device playback clients effectively in eMBMS using FEC to recover packet drops. Andrew Popov(BuyDRM)
10 DASH support on mobile for unicast and eMBMS Current status and outlook for DASH deployments on mobile platforms Aytac Biber, Michael Luby(Qualcomm)
11 Implementing DASH playback across screens and devices This presentation will survey current and near-future availability of DASH clients on various platforms and devices, including support in the browser. Kevin Streeter(Adobe)